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Externally Noctus is somewhat similar to Vase, but with more contemporary and specific features suitable for practically minded people.

Made of high-quality Black Alder wood, the discreet dark surface of Amfor gives the urn its dignified antique finish. The product has been stained and varnished to give it high-sheen protection. The products in the selection come in five tones with their names and sample photos below.

Brown Red Wenge White Green


Capacity 4,5 l
Diameter 25 cm
Height 35 cm
Height without the lid 30 cm
Diameter of the opening 10 cm
Weight  1 kg

The urn is easy to close and open due to the simple screw lid.

The lid is attached to a string by which the urn may be easily lowered into the grave.

  The lid construction of the urn    

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