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Mary is an urn of classical design widely used in Scandinavian countries. In addition to its rectangular shape, the front of the urn is decorated with three birds flying towards eternity thus making it even more memorable.

Made of high-quality Black Alder wood, the discreet dark surface of Mary gives the urn its dignified antique finish. The product has been stained and varnished to give it high-sheen protection. The products in the selection come in two tones with their names and sample photos below.

Wenge White  


Capacity 4,5 l
Diameter 25 cm
Height 35 cm
Height without the lid 30 cm
Diameter of the opening 10 cm
Weight  1 kg

The urn is easy to close and open due to the simple screw lid.

The lid is attached to a string by which the urn may be easily lowered into the grave.

  The lid construction of the urn    

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